Class Topnotchers
  • RindaMan-
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 1046 PK Death: 176
  • OL`FunBoy-
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 1028 PK Death: 71
  • -JuiceColored
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 1243 PK Death: 200
  • [Midman]Angel
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 1570 PK Death: 163
  • Catalina
    Level: 222
    PK Kills: 1282 PK Death: 132
  • Dekar
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 830 PK Death: 113
Club Wars
  • -SAVAGE-
    Trading Hole E-Room Holder
3 Days Promo July 29-30-31
Announcement 3 Days Promo July 29-30-31 | POSTED BY: ADMIN 07.28.2019

[Promotional Notice]

Promo date: July 29-30-31

Attention Students! Here are the promos what you wait for!

Get additional 20% E-Points on any amount of donation!
And get FREE! 5pcs Item Rebuild Card Box(6P) for every 1,000PHP Donation And 1 FREE Raffle entry to get a chance to win Celestial Set and Astral Weapon of your choice on every 1,000PHP Donation!

Astral & Celestial [Permanent] +7 No RV

*Donate 500php, you will receive 600 e-points
*Donate 1,000php, you will receive 1200 e-points + 5pcs IRC Box and 1 FREE RAFFLE ENTRY
*Donate 5,000php, you will receive 6,000 e-points + 25pcs IRC Box and 5 FREE RAFFLE ENTRY

1 Lucky Winner of Celestial Set +7 No RV

1 Lucky Winner of Astral Weapon +7 No RV

Please Input your IGN on message section of your ticket

The Participants can win this both if thier name picked twice! More Entry more chance of winning!

Please be remind, promotion is valid only per ticket. if you donated 2* 500php or 1,000php on different tickets you will only receive 20% promo.

Reminders for Paypal sender, if you use cards to send via paypal, transaction fees are not shouldered by management, Ex: if you donated 1,000php but we receive 946 only, your ticket is not counted as 1,000 and you only receive +20% promo.


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