Class Topnotchers
  • `Emm-
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 6168 PK Death: 1213
  • MightyChasten
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 3044 PK Death: 1047
  • Resback`MrsPopo
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 6179 PK Death: 1976
  • -Chestyh-Spirit-
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 11875 PK Death: 2290
  • -llLe-Spirit-
    Level: 222
    PK Kills: 2989 PK Death: 1913
  • -Panda
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 5219 PK Death: 868
Club Wars
    Trading Hole E-Room Holder
3 Days Promo August 15-16-17
Announcement 3 Days Promo August 15-16-17 | POSTED BY: ADMIN 08.14.2019

[Promotional Notice]

Promo date: August 15-16-17

Attention Students! Here are the promos what you wait for!

Get additional 20% E-Points on any amount of donation!
And get FREE! 5pcs Item Rebuild Card Box(6P) for every 1,000PHP Donation And dont miss this Limited VIP Admiral Costume [30D] for FREE! for every 5,000PHP Donation!


VIP Admiral Costume [30D] Stats:

*Eva +25
*Def +20
*HP +125
Costume Special Function: HP+MP+SP recovery rate 0.50%

*Atk +35
*Def +15
*HP +125
Costume Special Function: HP+MP+SP recovery rate 1.50%

*Def +15
*HP +125
*Energy +125
Costume Special Function: Increase Crit rate 15.00%

*Eva +25
*Def +15
*HP +75
Costume Special Function: move speed 20.00

*Accu +25
*Def +15
*HP +75
Costume Special Function: atk speed 7.00%

*Donate 500php, you will receive 600 e-points
*Donate 2,000php, you will receive 2400 e-points + 10pcs IRC Box
*Donate 5,000php, you will receive 6,000 e-points + 25pcs IRC Box + VIP Admiral Costume [30D]

Please be remind, promotion is valid only per ticket. if you donated 2* 500php or 1,000php on different tickets you will only receive 20% promo.

Reminders for Paypal sender, if you use cards to send via paypal, transaction fees are not shouldered by management, Ex: if you donated 1,000php but we receive 941 only, your ticket is not counted as 1,000 and you only receive +20% promo.

Don't Miss this chance! Happy Gaming!

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