Class Topnotchers
  • Jeeeth
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 4855 PK Death: 1410
  • DamnGod
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 2151 PK Death: 1086
  • Linbey
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 10008 PK Death: 1573
  • Shinomiya
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 4038 PK Death: 1066
  • Crookz
    Level: 222
    PK Kills: 2404 PK Death: 1065
  • Katzfiel
    Level: 230
    PK Kills: 4459 PK Death: 450
Club Wars
  • FvckBOYS-
    Trading Hole E-Room Holder
  • BeastMode
    Phoenix E-Room Holder
    Mystic Peak E-Room Holder
  • OneLOve-
    Sacred Gate E-Room Holder
Welcome to RAN Online UNIVERSITY
Announcement Welcome to RAN Online UNIVERSITY | POSTED BY: ADMIN 06.10.2019

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️Special Server Features
✔Key mobs activated (auto lure) 
✔Dungeon type maps RCB1 & 51f
✔Gold web market
✔Anti Cheat Gameguard
✔Activity quest system
✔Activity & Contribution Official Shop

️ Server Info
✔Lvl 230 Max
✔Lvl 7~207 Skill
✔Official pull, push, anti-pots and silence Effect
✔6 Official class
✔Official Quest Based
✔Lvl Requirements on Maps
✔Last Armor: Celestial
✔Last Weapon: Astral & Soul
✔Max ups +11
✔Hunt Based Play to Win

Welcome to RAN Online UNIVERSITY

Our team goal is to provide an well managed, balanced, non-bias and long term server for non toxic players. Please help us on our Goal, THANK YOU!❤️

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